About us – the motor trade in Sweden

About us is about the Vocational Training Board of the Swedish Motor Trade (MYN) and the Vocational Training Board for Car Painters (LYN) consists of members from the employers association as well as members from the trade union. Both organisations have a mutual interest that there are well educated and trained staffs in the motor trade.

The main task for MYN and LYN is to work for a good education and training of all kinds of technicians and other skills in the motor trade.

MYN and LYN also arrange exam tests and supplies international certificates and diplomas. Another important task is to provide vocational training for college teachers.

About us - Certificats, diplomas and licenses

Certificats, diplomas and licenses for those who have an approved training course in motor vehicle technology industry segments.

About certificates and diplomas

Every year MYN and LYN manage a final test for the students leaving their college education.
The questions of the certificate test are based on the trades requests. A student who makes the test, and is approved, gets a vocational certificate that is adapted to be valid worldwide. After three years employment in a motor trade company an international vocational diploma and license is submitted.

About companies and the future in the motor trade

The motor trade in Sweden is an expansive branch with a fast and thrilling development. Skills and work tasks are rapidly changing. The occupations becomes more specialized and there is demands for high competence. There is a lack of skilled personnel and salary-development is expected to be good. Work environment has gone through great changes to better conditions the last years.

There are about 4.500 small and medium size companies form the Swedish motor trade. It is workshops for cars and trucks, machine- and tractor companies, tire companies, car body repairers, car painters etc. And of course car sales and marketing companies. App. 60 000 people are occupied in the motor trade. 50 % of them are sales personnel, managers or administrators and the rest have technical occupations. The trade consists of a lot of one-man enterprises.

More information and statistics can be found on the MRF (branch association) homesite.

WorldSkills Competition

MYN and LYN organize every second year Swedish Championships for young motor technicians and car painters. The winners are invited to compete in WorldSkills Competition, that also is held every other second year.

Training of college teachers

MYN and LYN also arrange courses and further education and training for college teachers together with Karl-Arne Haglund, a teacher at Westerlundska gymnasiet.

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